Vivendi equestrian apparel

I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that I’m now part of the fabulous #TEAMVIVENDI. Vivendi Equestrian & Fitness Apparel are a brand new equestrian clothing brand who’ve chosen me, alongside a select few to promote their fabulous brand!

I couldn’t be more pleased for the opportunity to use their amazing leggings. They’re incredibly versatile which means I get to wear them from the yard to the gym, or running with the dogs and straight to Sainsbury’s. Let’s face it, everyone does the same! Only this time, I won’t have people staring at me for my apparent random attire, as they’ll simply see me in my active wear, which let’s face it, has become incredibly popular to do everything in, even lounge on the sofa.

Their leggings aren’t the only thing they offer however, as they also have an amazing compression top as well as a high impact sports bra! Just a few less pies and I might branch out into wearing the bra, sans compression top! Ooh er!

What’s even better is that not only do I get to become part of this amazing team, but I also get to hand a rather amazing benefit down to you too. I get a unique code that offers everyone who uses it, a fabulous 15% off! All you need to do is use my code “JEN15” at checkout and bam, that’s a tasty little discount for you right there!

I couldn’t be more pleased to start my journey with this fabulous bunch but what’s more, I couldn’t be more pleased to offer you, my amazing followers here on my website, on my Instagram and Facebook a benefit as a way of saying thank you for all of your support this year! My riding has been less than active thanks to a sickly pregnancy and a prolonged recovery from a C-section, but that hasn’t stopped me enjoying my horses and with this new position at Vivendi, I feel like us DIY’ers are finally being recognised. You don’t need to compete at high levels to be considered an equestrian. You don’t need £20,000 horses either. You simply need to enjoy your horses to be part of one of the most amazing communities in the world, equestrianism.

For more information on Vivendi, simply check them out here… https://www.vivendiapparel.co.uk

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