Where Has The Year Gone?

I’m sat in bed, reflecting. It’s not often I do this, mostly because I spend my life chasing my tail, trying to keep on top of everything but also because I hate admitting that so much time has passed.

It feels like the minute I left school all those years ago, time just flew by and it seemed to pick up speed the moment I had children. While I never let it stop me (and I really don’t having acquired not one but five horses), it has definitely made things harder in terms of enjoying my equestrian passion. With a much brighter outlook healthwise, for 2019, I’m hoping my riding starts to pick up momentum like it once did. My eldest daughter is due to start school this coming year so I’ll be down to just one little one watching me hop in the saddle, much easier for the husband to handle I should think, while I enjoy a few more hacks and get back to enjoying my big lad Jack.

Despite a sickly pregnancy, recovery from a c-section and further abdominal surgery that will commence this week, I’ve still managed a few lessons and actually gained a love for in-hand training. The young colts are no more…as they’re now geldings and the devil child that is Hattie, the filly, is beginning to show a softer side. I also became a brand ambassador for Black Onyx Equestrian as well as a member of the amazing Team Vivendi! So it’s fair to say it’s not all been too bad!

With such a huge amount of pressure and a distinct lack of time in 2018, could 2019 be the year that it all falls into place? I’m hoping so. While I write this however, I’m suddenly aware that not all of you will be reading my blogs over at Black Onyx Equestrian, in which case, you may not be totally familiar with the herd. The perfect excuse to introduce you all with some short but sweet stories on each member of the aptly named Orange City gang! If you do get a few minutes however, head over to the Fair Weather Rider x Black Onyx Blog and take a peek. You might enjoy reading about my struggles with the devil child or get a few ideas for Christmas! Either way, it’ll kill some time on the commute.

Keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming blogs on the gang and watch this space for some hideously cringey photos in which I pretend not to have a clue that the photo is being taken!


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