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Rebound On The Ranch

Rebound On The Ranch

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Catching feelings on the rebound is a risky thing...

Alice Humphries is trying to bounce back. After sacrificing her dreams for a cheating ex, she’s bundled her broken heart into a plane to Utah to train under the great horse whisperer, Noah Williams.

Noah is used to handling wild mustangs and troubled steeds, but he’s not keen on having another pair of hands around. After all, he’d rather no one got close enough to discover his past.

Both Alice and Noah are used to living with their guard up, but when their unexpected chemistry becomes too much to rein in, they agree to a no-strings-attached fling. Alice already has her return flight booked, so it’s not like anything can happen...right?

But when Noah’s dark secrets come crashing down, Alice will be forced to decide whether she’s making a lucky escape or leaving the love of her life.

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