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Soaked Hay & Farrier Smoke E-Book

Soaked Hay & Farrier Smoke E-Book

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Book 1 of 2: Follow with Soaked Hay & Stable Mirrors!!
Jen has always dreamed of seeing her byline above an exclusive scoop, but will her big career chance destroy the love of her life? 

For as long as she can remember, Jen Seaton has had the biggest and most inconvenient crush on Eddie O’Neill. Eddie’s rugged good looks and knee-melting gaze make concentrating in the stables next to impossible, but Jen is sure that getting involved with Eddie would reduce her to just another notch on his farrier’s rasp.

When Jen meets local newspaper editor Tristan Trueluck, it looks like she’s finally going to get her first real journalistic break. The notorious Drafter Brothers are rumoured to be at the root of the local drug supply, and Tristan wants an investigative writer on the case.

Eager to impress her potential new employer, Jen is determined to write the tell-all exclusive that breaks the story. But Eddie seems to think Jen shouldn’t be getting involved. Is he trying to protect her? Or is it because the more Jen finds out about the Drafter Brothers, the more Eddie’s name seems linked to their shady business?

To make matters worse, Eddie seems more irresistible every day.
He couldn’t really be involved in crime...could he?

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