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Soaked Hay & Stable Mirrors

Soaked Hay & Stable Mirrors

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Book 2 of 2: Read AFTER Soaked Hay & Farrier Smoke!!

Jen is risking everything for her biggest scoop yet.
But can she close the case before it closes in on her?

Jen Seaton has always done things her way: her flat is her own, her time is her own and those who share in either are few and far between.

So when she narrowly escapes an abduction and emerges with a vague memory of her kidnapping, no evidence to prove who her attackers were and very little support from the authorities, accepting that she needs reinforcements is a tough pill for Jen to swallow.

To complicate matters, she can’t seem to stay away from her handsome farrier, Eddie O’Neill. And he isn’t keeping his hands to himself either... 

But why is Eddie so reluctant for Jen to track down the Drafter Brothers? And why is he so cagey about the mysterious bruises on his body?

As she struggles to get to the bottom of her biggest scoop that could lead to the take down of Langley’s biggest criminals, Jen finds herself in a race against some seriously unscrupulous characters who’ll stop at nothing to protect their interests.

But could someone close to Jen be more involved than she realises?

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