Abscess Arrives Bang On Time For Bank Holiday Weekend Vet Call Out Fee!

A rider in Essex has sung praises for her chestnut Gelding Danny following his prompt and timely development of an abscess in his front right hoof, bang on time for the exorbitant vet call out fees which appear to triple overnight on bank holiday weekends. 

As Danny’s first abscess, his reactions have been described as “dramatic” and at some points “malingering”, something his long suffering owner explained was fully expected. 

Julie said, “He’s quite the drama queen about anything remotely unfrightening to be honest. Take him out in the village on the road and he’ll happily front out a bin lorry no problem. Kit cars with unnecessarily loud engines or even those shopping trolly fiestas with extra large exhausts that cost as much as a nice Mercedes, he just doesn’t care but anything small and it becomes an issue. Particularly bite size kids. He’s quite a delicate soul to be honest and new and small things bother him so I’m not surprised at the pain threshold in that there isn’t one but I am surprised at him being so fearful of a boot. His eyes were on stalks.

“But what’s really swung it for me is the fact that he seemed to develop it first thing Friday morning. That was just brilliant. I love that he seems to keep track of the national calendar and wait for bank holidays and weekends in general when call out fees triple. He’s so bloody considerate like that.”

As the nation begins a lengthy debate on overpriced vet fees, including the often ridiculous call out charges in the region of £50 for a mere 15 miles - not actually including the consultation fee or double and triple prices for peak times such as bank holidays - Julie isn’t worried.

Julie explained, “I just love throwing money away. It’s become one of my favourite hobbies. I think it comes with the territory of owning horses too and lets me moan with the rest of the horse girls. It gives me something to talk about other than slagging off random horse owners I have no idea about. I can really get into the nitty gritty and boast about my sacrifices over a cuppa with the other girls. It makes me look like a far more dedicated owner. Especially if I’m wearing ripped joggers while I’m saying about how much I’ve spent on my horse’s vet fees ya know. I’m so poor, but I love my horse so much, blah blah. I bet her over there wearing the nice leggings wouldn’t have a vet come out on a bank holiday. You get what I’m saying…”

*Editors Note - as this article when to press, Julie alerted us to the fact that her horse had even lost his £50 turnout boot in the vile Essex clay paddock and she was unable to locate it. Yet another cost to add to her ‘sacrifices’. 


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My horse always knows when my credit cards are paid off. He then creates reason for a new charge.

Trish Hug

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