Equestrian stunned as husband figures out she owns more than 1 bay horse


An equestrian in the Peterborough area has taken to social media to express her dismay at her non-horsey husband discovering that she owned more than one horse, despite purchasing several in the same shade of bay.

An avid equestrian since a plucky 7 year old, Susan was horrified to discover that even as an adult, she would still struggle to acquire her dream horse collection. 

Marrying a ‘non-horsey’ man named Brian, Susan found her life turned upside down when he, in her words, ‘put his foot down with a firm hand’ and insisted that only one horse would ever be a part of their life and finances. 

Susan explained, “I thought as an adult, I’d be able to have as many horses as I wanted but having a husband who didn’t like horses was a big mistake. As soon as we were married, I told him about a horse on Facebook that was looking for a new home and before I could even tell him about the fact that it was great for the vet and farrier and a sweetheart to catch in the field, he instantly said no. I was devastated. I couldn’t turn to my parents. They hate horses just as much as he does. So I went on Reddit and that’s where I met a group of women similar to me… all wanting to have more horses than their partners would allow. They told me to make sure my next horse was the exact same colour as my first horse Alan. So that’s what I did. 4 dark bay horses later and he was none the wiser until that loud mouth cow Kirsty walked my new mare in with her piebald and handed her to me, telling me how much she loved her and that’s when I bought my fifth horse, I should probably look at a different colour… right in front of my husband. She has no clue. She’s not part of the club ya know.

“Safe to say my husband hit the roof and now he’s threatening divorce. I just can’t believe he found out after 4 years of me managing to hide it. All the photos on my phone, they all looked like the same horse to him. Every competition, I’d just take a different horse each weekend and he couldn’t tell the difference. I’m buggered now.”

Susan’s long suffering husband had this to say, “I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe she got away with it. I thought that one stupid bastard thing Alan had got expensive but she just kept saying it was the cost of the living, the cost of living!!!! Bloody cost of living my arse! She’s selling them now and then I’m buying some golf clubs so I can fuck off every weekend as well!”


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Keep the horses dump the boring golf fiend – or buy him clubs and you’ll never see him again anyway 😂🤣

Rachel Cox

Keep the horses dump the boring golf fiend – or buy him clubs and you’ll never see him again anyway 😂🤣

Rachel Cox

Never a truer blog describing trials and tribulations of the lengths we have to go for horsey happiness. Brilliant read just what the Dr ordered. F. W Rider, thank you for prescribing now keep my dose of ‘satire’ on repeat.


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