Equestrian “sick of explaining” she’s not rich because she has horses, but p**s poor BECAUSE she has horses… distinct difference

An equestrian from Scotland, Angela, has finally lost her shit following yet another passing comment from a friend of a friend, declaring she, “must be rich if you have horses”. The piss poor horse owner, wearing shoes with holes in while her horse proudly wears his 3 week old shoes from his regular six weekly farrier appointment, said enough was enough and proceeded to scream at not only the passerby but everyone within a 40 metre radius, “I’M NOT RICH BECAUSE I HAVE HORSES!! I’M PISS POOOOOOR BECAUSE I HAVE HORSES!” 

And equestrians everywhere are rallying round her as they join in on the now global campaign to have people recognise the fact that owning horses doesn’t equal wealth, in fact quite the opposite. 

One such supporter of the campaign commented, “I’ve had it up to my eye balls with this constant accusation that I must be bloody rich as they come, because I’ve got horses. Do people not realise these huge walking accident prone bastards eat money for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I’ve not had a new pair of shoes in about a year but this sod here, has had new shoes every 6 weeks, a new wardrobe because he rips every fucking rug I buy him and then has the cheek to shiver!! Then eats like a… well like a bastard horse and still insists he’s hungry.” Stood knee deep in the pits of a winter paddock, after already losing one of her leaky wellington boots while walking her newly naked horse back to its stable - sans newly ripped rug - it’s clear to see that this horse owner, one of the thousands of supporters around the globe, has finally had enough.

Other’s have commented on social media posts that they’re screaming at the 3rd rain shower that day as their horse walks into its stable to take its regular morning piss on the new £13 bale of bedding - not the field it’s stood in the last 12 hours, with many chipping in, in agreement, “How the bloody hell can I be rich when it costs that much just for them to take a shit and have a nap?”

Angela, while partially apologetic for her outburst, had this to say, “I’m blown away by the support I’ve received on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter - or whatever it’s called - the TikTok generation seem to be joining forces too. Their parents are sick of how much it’s all costing as well I assume. While I shouldn’t have screamed and have a breakdown in the middle of the high street, I think it’s been a long time coming. So I’ve made these t-shirts. Now hopefully people will stop asking me why if I’m bloody rich or not! Sick to the back teeth of it!!

“So if you want to join in on the campaign, grab your one too! Any profits generated go towards a new rug for that twat in the field who’s just ripped the new one I bought him. Look at him shivering in the breeze. Absolute piss take!!”

If you'd like to join Angela's campaign in educating the general public about the 'regular equestrian's' financial status, please do check out her t-shirt right here.


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